Games tigers Play


Complete Requirements 1 and 2 plus at least two others.

  1. a. Play two initiative or team-building games with the members of your den.

    b. Listen carefully to your leader while the rules are being explained, and follow directions when playing.

    c. At the end of the game, talk with the leader about what you learned when you played the game. Tell how you helped the den by playing your part.

  2. Make up a game with the members of your den.
  3. Make up a new game, and play it with your family or members of your den or pack.
  4. While at a sporting event, ask a player or coach why he or she thinks it is important to be active.
  5. Bring a nutritious snack to a den meeting. Share why you picked it and what makes it a good snack choice.

Required Adventures

Elective Adventures