All Aboard

Gathering Activity

Cut enough strips of plain paper ahead of time for each ticket book to contain about 20 tickets. Make a cover for the book that indicates the pack numbers and date. Staple together.

As people arrive, give each person a pencil and ticket book. Direct them to go around the room and ask people to write their names in the book -- only one name per ticket. Later, tell people that the names on the tickets are their destinations and that person is the conductor of that station. Now they must find those stations and give that person their ticket.  Cheer those who redistribute their tickets the quickest.

2007 Cub Scout Program Helps

How to Make Homemade Slime


Area of Science: Chemistry
Meant for at least Grade K-3 (age 5-7).
This experiment is inedible.
An adult should be present.

Make slime from everyday things in the home.

Borax can be bought at your local grocery store in the laundry detergent aisle.
White glue can be purchased at a Mass merchandise store like Target, Walmart, or
Food coloring is optional but can be purchased in the grocery store in the baking aisle.
Ziploc bags can also be purchased at the grocery store.
Need measuring cups and spoons.

Not to be fed to your pet or baby brother. Not good for leaving in carpets or on furniture
overnight. To keep almost indefinitely, leave in Ziploc bag in refrigerator when not
sliming! Not a bad idea to wash hands before (so it doesn't grow mold) and after (so mom
will let you eat dinner) playing with it.

How to do the experiment:
Borax White Glue Water Food Coloring (optional) Ziploc bag

1. Borax is available in the laundry section of your local grocery store. Take a cup of
water and add to it 1 Tbs. of borax (approx. 4% solution). Stir until completely dissolved.
2. Make a 50% water 50% white glue solution. Take 1/4 cup of each and mix thoroughly.
3. In a Ziploc bag, add equal parts of the borax solution to equal parts of the glue
solution. 1/2 cup of each will make a cup of slime.
4. Add a couple drops of food coloring.
5. Seal bag and knead the mixture.
6. Dig in and have fun. Remember to wash your hands after playing.
7. Keep your slime in the sealed bag in the refrigerator when not playing with it to keep it
longer. Unfortunately it may eventually dry out or grow mold. Just throw it out and start

The borax is acting as the crosslinking agent or "connector" for the glue (polyvinyl
acetate) molecules. Once the glue molecules join together to form even larger molecules
called polymers, you get a thickened gel very similar to slime. If you've tried this recipe
(formula) before using blue starch (instead of the borax) with mixed results, you won't be
disappointed with this one. Works everytime! If you have access to a chemical supply
house, try a 4% solution of polyvinyl alcohol instead of the glue for a less rubbery
polymer and one that is transparent showing off the color better.