Things You Can Do As A Parent To Help Your Cub Scout

As a parent, especially if it is your first time experiencing Cub Scouts, the question always come up... "What do I need to do?" There are a ton of things involved with Cub Scouts. From all the requirements for Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Activity Badges, Arrow of Light, and not to mention Sports and Academic belt loops and pins... it can get a little overwhelming.  Just remember the Cub Scout Motto - "DO YOUR BEST!"

The following are some items that you as a parent can do to "help the pack go"

  1. Be sure your boy attends weekly Den Meetings. Remind him to be on his best behavior while he is there. He is a guest in the Den Leader's Home.
  2. Remind him to wear his uniform to school on Den Meeting days, or at least have it laid out and ready to go so he can change quickly.  Have his uniform clean and all appropriate patches sewn on so he looks great at all scout function.
  3. Be willing to help out with transportation for Den Meetings, field trips, etc. Help him to provide den treats when it is his turn.
  4. HELP HIM TO ACHIEVE! Read his handbook, familiarize yourself with his requirements, many of them are done with the family, and at home. Read the parents supplement at the front of his book.
  5. Make sure that you Cub is doing his very best. Don't sign off achievements unless he has really earned each part of it. Don't count things he did as a wolf toward his bear. He needs to do each item during that year.
  6. ATTEND PACK MEETING with your son. Be alert to his behavior during the meeting, the Den Leader is not solely responsible for him, or his actions during pack meeting.
  7. Be willing to assist with costumes, skits, crafts, outings, refreshments, Scout-O-Ramma, etc.
  8. Always remember that Cub Scouting is Family Oriented. It is designed to help parents with their boys. The Den and Pack CANNOT help your boy grow without your help.
As the Law of the Pack states...
"The Cub Scout helps the Pack go,
The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow"

Tiger Cub: Requirement 3D: Make a Food Guide Pyramid

Have your adult partner draw a Food Guide Pyramid on a big piece of paper or posterboard. Cut out pictures of food from old magazines and glue them in the right places on the pyramid. You could also draw pictures of different foods on your Food Guide Pyramid. You could display your Food Guide Pyramid at the next pack meeting.

Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition

When you have colored all three of the tiger tracks in the back of your Tiger Cub Handbook (pg 161), you will have earned your Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblem.

  • I know the Cub Scout motto. ___________
  • I know the Cub Scout sign. ____________
  • I know the Cub Scout salute. ___________
Once your Cub Scout earns the Totem, he should then proceed to complete the other requirements for the Bobcat Badge.

Then, in order to earn the Tiger Cub rank the Tiger Cub Scout must complete a Family Activity, a Den Activity, and a "Go See It" Activity in each of five Achievement Areas:

Making My Family Special
Where I Live
Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
How I Tell It
Let's Go Outdoors
As he completes each Activity, he is awarded a bead which is hung from the Totem. 

He earns a WHITE bead for each required FAMILY Activity.
He earns an ORANGE bead for each required DEN Activity.
He earns a BLACK bead for each required GO SEE IT Activity.

Tiger Cubs - Making My Family Special: 1F

Family Activity:
1F: Think of one chore you can do with your adult partner. Complete it together.

Take a second and think of a few of the chores around your house.... The following are some around my house.

  • Dishes
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Feeding the Dog and Cat
  • Washing the Windows
  • Taking Out the Trash

We can lighten the load of work when each member of the family helps out with the chores around the house.  The same is in your Dens and Packs.  When each scout does his duty, it helps the pack go.

Character Connection: Responsibility