Fishing Secret Skit


4 or 5 scouts


3 or 4 scouts in a group, all fishing and not catching anything. 1 other scout walks onstage, waves to them and they wave back. He sits aways away and starts fishing. He catches a fish and repeats it a few times.

One scout gets up and walks over to the scout that is catching fish.

Scout #1: I've been here fishing all day and haven't caught anything. You've almost caught your limit already. What's your secret?

Fish Scout : mumble mumble with mouth closed.

Scout #1: What did you say?

Fish Scout : mumble mumble with mouth closed.

Scout #1: Oh never mind! (walks back to buddies)

Scout #1: He's kinda strange. I couldn't understand him.

Repeat with each scout asking his secret until the last scout tries.

Last Scout : We've been here all day and haven't caught anything. What's your secret?

Fish Scout : mumble mumble with mouth closed.

Last Scout : What?

Fish Scout : mumble mumble with mouth closed.

Last Scout : Oh, come on. You can tell me, buddy! (and gives him a slap on the back which causes the scout to take a big hard swallow and look kind of sick.)

Fish Scout : I said - 'You have to keep the worms warm!'

Some Fishing


: City Dude and any number of cowboys. Cowboys wear chaps and neckerchiefs


Coil of Rope, branding iron (made from clothes hanger), corral fence (Fence can be painted on big pieces of cardboard and propped against step stools)


Back in time a ways at a corral. Cowboys are sitting on or leaning on fence. City Dude enters looking at everything with great interest.

City Dude:

 This is my first trip to this marvelous west of yours. I do find everything so unusual. I'm so interested in everything. Do you suppose you fellows could explain a few things to me?

1st Cowboy:

What did you want to know?

City Dude:

What do you keep inside this fence?

2nd Cowboy:

Sometimes we keep steers and sometimes broncos.

City Dude:

(pointing to the branding iron) What do you do with this metal contraption?

3rd Cowboy:

That's for brandin' 'em so everybody'll know who they belong to.

City Dude:

Why do you wear those funny pants?

4th Cowboy:

Those aren't our pants! They're chaps! We wear them over our pants when we're ridin' the range to keep the rough bushes and cactus from scratchin' us up.

City Dude:

Why do you wear your handkerchief around you necks?

5th Cowboy:

That's what we call a neckerchief. In a dust storm or when we're movin' the herds, we put it up over our nose and mouth to help keep the dust out. (demonstrates)

City Dude:

What do you use that coil of rope for?

1st Cowboy:

That's what we use to catch steers and broncos.

City Dude:

That's all very interesting. I was just wondering about one more thing.  What kind of bait do you use? (Cowboys look at each other shaking their heads and roll with laughter.)

Short Runway Skit


as many scouts as you want in your airplane.


Scouts line up in double column as if in a small airplane with pilot and copilot in front. 

pilot: (flying along, squinting out the window) Man, I hate these night flights. Since this cheap airline made those cutbacks, half our instruments don't work. Can you see the airport yet?

copilot: Nope, but I'm looking. 

pilot: (after a short pause) We're getting low on fuel. We better find that runway soon! Sure wish this cheap airline would spring for a radio.

copilot: (pointing to the right and down) I think I see it - Over to the right!

(pilot steers to the right, everyone leans)

pilot: I can't see it. Sure wish this cheap airline would install brighter lights!

pilot: Aha! There it is. I can see a couple lights. Here we go!

(start a dive, other scouts lean forward and give sound effects)

copilot: I think we're coming in too fast!

pilot: Give me 20 degree flaps and we'll slow this bird down.

copilot: 20 degree flaps, sir! (moves brake lever and sound effects)

pilot: More flaps and cut back the engines!

copilot: 40 degree flaps! (move brakes and throttle)

pilot: It's gonna be tight! Full flaps and cut the engines!

copilot: Full flaps, sir! 

pilot: Hang on! (everyone lurches as they hit the runway and bounce to a quick stop)

pilot: Whew, we made it! Man! That was a SHORT runway!

copilot: (looking to left and then right) Yep, and WIDE too!

Can't Work In The Dark Skit

4 or more scouts

All scouts are center stage digging with shovels, raking, whatever manual labor they want.
One scout just stands there with his arm raised straight as if he were holding a torch in his hand.

(Boss walks onstage to survey the work being done. He sees the one guy not working and walks up to him.)
Boss: I'm paying you to work, not to just stand around. Why aren't you working?
Scout #1: I'm a light bulb!
Boss: Get to work! When I come back, if you aren't working, you're fired!
(boss leaves and everyone continues to do the same things. Then, boss returns and sees scout still not working.)
Boss: That's it! You're fired! Get out!
(scout drops his arm and dejectedly exits stage. As soon as he drops his arm, the rest look around, stop working, and start to leave.)
Boss: Hey, why are you guys leaving? Get back to work!
Scout #2: How? We can't work in the dark!

Mouthwash Skit

Needed: 4-5 Scouts, paper cup

Scouts line up facing the audience.  Each scout pretends to to swish mouthwash in their mouth except for the last Scout in the line.

Scout 1: Pretends to spit mouthwash into the cup and says, "I like (brand of mouthwash) because it helps fight plaque!"
Scout 1 passes the cup to Scout 2

Scout 2: Pretends to spit mouthwash into the cup and says, "I like (brand) mouthwash because it makes my breath fresh!"

Scout 2 passes the cup to Scout 3, and Scout 4, and so on until the cup reaches the last Scout.

Last Scout: Takes the cup and pretends to drink the contents.... "I like (brand) mouthwash because of the way it Tastes!!!