The License Plate Game

50 License Plates.jpg

It’s that time of year when families start traveling home for the holidays. One way that mom kept us busy when we were kids (pre Netflix / Redbox) is we would play car games. One of her favorites was the License Plate Game. The rules to this game are extremely simple. If you see a State’s license plate for the first time, yell it out! Years down the road I still play this game with my own kids. It’s fun to see them start looking out the window as we drive through a larger city and searching for the states they still need to mark off. Ya… we probably look like the weirdo family frantically scanning everyone’s cars down the freeway, but we have fun with it. You may notice some patterns with certain semi trucks and how they have the same license plates.

Here is a free printable I put together that you are more than welcome to use. License Plate Game

Have a safe road trip where ever you are going, and have fun on the way.