Homemade Big Dipper

The Tigers Adventure, Sky is the Limit, has us building our own homemade model of a constellation.

For this fun activity I have chosen to make the Big Dipper using an old piece of wood.

Items you will need for this activity:

  • A piece of wood

  • 7 nails (the big dipper has 7, adjust the amount of nails to whichever constellation you plan on making)

  • A hammer

  • Some String

  • Scissors

First, I used a compound miter saw to cut a thick “biscuit” from the log. If using lumber from the store, I would not go any smaller than 1”X6”. You want to have enough wood to make a nice backdrop for your constellation.

Second, I used a picture of my constellation as a guide. If needed, you could print off the picture and place it on your piece of wood and nail right through it. Rip the paper away when all your nails are in. Here is a template for the Big Dipper. Nail in the nails with your hammer.

Next, cut off enough string to connect all your nails together. Your pretty much playing connect the dots. Finish off with tying a knot at the end for everything to stay in place.

Some variations of making this project could include painting the wood black before you nail the constellation on. If making more than one constellation on a single piece of wood, you could use different colors of nails and string.

Have fun making a part of the night sky!