Dirty Socks Skit


  • 1 large tin can / pitcher (make sure the container is not see through)

  • 4 cups

  • 4 Scouts

  • 1 pair of socks


Place the can in the middle of the stage with the socks already in it.


Scout 1: (Walks up and dips cup into the tin can… pretends to drink) Oh! This is the worst batch of hot chocolate I have ever had!

Scout 2: (Walks up after Scout 1 and does the same) What happened to this pot of hot chocolate?!

Scout 3: (Walks up after Scout 2 and does the same) That is by far the worst hot chocolate I have ever tasted!!

Scout 4 (Walks up to the tin can, looks at the other three scouts, and reaches in and pulls out the socks) Nice! My socks are finally clean!

Hot Chocolate.jpg