Mountain Lion SAW

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It is important to teach scouts, and parent partners, what to do at a young age if you ever become lost. Our pack loves to venture out on the trails when the weather warms up. This always has an element of risk. Rule number one that is executed at the very moment of gathering for the activity is the buddy system. For the Lions and Tigers have their parent partner be their buddy.

At a very young age, the Lions introduce us to “SAW”.

S - Stay Put

A- Answer back when your name is called

W - use your Whistle

Why do we stay put? The simplest of answers is that it is easier to find you if you are lost if you stay in one place.

We are afraid when we get lost and are alone. And sometimes the person who is lost does not recognize that they need to call back if they hear someone calling their name. Remember, it is extremely important to call back or blow your whistle again if you hear someone yelling for you.

We mentioned a whistle, this is the “W” of “SAW”. A whistle should always be in your ten essentials. If you do become lost from the group, start getting attention with your whistle by blowing it sharply in blasts of three. The whistle will last much longer that your voice will over time. The combination with many things alerted in three’s is the universal signal that help is needed. An example of this is signaling for help by shooting three shots in the air with your firearm if hunting. Even with Morse code the distress call S-O-S is made using 3 dots, 3 dashes, followed by 3 more dots. ( . . . - - - . . .)

Use den meetings leading up to your outdoor activity to learn “SAW”.