How To Make A Mini Catapult


For this fun build you will need between 8 and 14 popsicle sticks and 1 plastic spoon for each scout along with 3 - 4 small rubber bands.

Your first step will be to stack around 8 to 12 popsicle stick and rubber band them together at each end. Next, you will take one popsicle stick and your plastic spoon and attach them perpendicular to your crossbeam using one more rubber band as a cross lashing.

Use small “O” shaped cereal as your ammunition.

We used this build as a gathering activity and made it into a fun target shooting game. Using a small trash can, see how many baskets you can make. Another version is to see who can get the farthest. Keep it simple, make it fun.

Make sure to have enough ammunition just in case your buddy decides to eat all the cereal!