Bucket of Water

Scene: A clearing with a bucket of "water". There is NO water in the bucket. The bucket needs to be empty except for a few crepe paper streamers taped to the inside of the bucket so that no one in the audience can see them. The audience needs to think that the bucket has water in it; Besides the bucket you will also need a dipper.

[Cub Scouts No. 1 and No. 2 enter]

Cub Scout No. 1: I'm thirsty!

Cub Scout No. 2: So am I! There's some water! Let's get some.

[They pretend to dip water from the bucket using the dipper.]

Cub Scout No. 1: [Smells the water] I don't think that water is good. No thanks.

Cub Scout No. 2: I don't want any of that stuff!

[Cub Scouts walk off holding their noses.]

[Enter Cub Scouts No. 3 and No. 4]

Cub Scout No. 3: Water! Let's have a drink!

Cub Scout No. 4: [Looks at water] I can't drink that! Look at it!

[They look at the water and shake their heads as they walk off.]

[Cub Scouts No. 5 and No. 6 enter]

Cub Scout No. 5: I am so thirsty!!! [Looks at water] I don't think this is drinkable.

Cub Scout No. 6: It sure isn't. It stinks!

Cub Scout No. 5: Well, we should throw it out since it's so bad.

Cub Scout No. 6: [Picks up the bucket and throws the contents into the audience.]