911 Safety Quiz


As a kid that grew up in the 80’s, it felt like it was a little easier as a kid to be able to call 911. I never needed to call for an emergency, but I knew that if I needed to the phone was mounted in the hall to my parent’s room. And if that landline was compromised, I was taught to run to the neighbors house and use their phone. Kids seem to not have the same readily accessibility to dial 911 as I did growing up… unless your kids all have phones… and that’s a totally different discussion for when we cover cyber chip.

As leader’s, have you personally called 911 and reported an emergency?… I personally have not yet. This question made me think and question if I knew the correct actions to take care of if I was on the phone with the dispatcher.

Found in the Tiger Den Leader Handbook:

Here is a free printable to use at your next den meeting!

911 Safety Quiz

  1. When is it OK to call 911? (a person is unconscious, your buddy has broken a bone, a fire, etc.)

  2. When should you NOT call 911? (lost toy, missing pet, angry with sibling, broken window, out of ice cream, scraped knee, etc.)

  3. Should you whisper on the phone? (I feel that if the situation calls for it, whispering is appropriate. If hiding in the closet from an intrude for example)

  4. Should you use a clear, loud voice on the phone? (time is of the essence in most circumstances, the dispatcher needs to hear everything the first time)

  5. How long should you stay on the phone with 911? (stay on the phone until first responders arrive)

  6. Do you know your address? (This is probably the second question the dispatcher will ask you, right after “what is your emergency”)

  7. Can you repeat your home phone number (what happens if your call is lost!? Dispatch needs a way to contact you if this happens.)