Different Reels and Rods


There are two different setups I personally fish with. First is my spinning rod. From end to end, it measures 5 and a half feet. The reel is an enclosed with 8 lb test green fabric spider wire (a thin line of steel is enclosed within the fabric). A combination of the weight of the spinner and letting go of the button on the reel at the right angle is what causes the lure to be launched out into the water. My second setup, when I’m feeling like I need a reminder of how much patience I’m needing to practice, is my fly rod. From tip to tip this rod is 8 feet tall. The reel is set up completely different as it is now positioned under the grip for my hand. Also, on the tip of the line is tied a artificial fly that weighs practically nothing. Unlike the spinning rod, the fly rod uses a combination of the length of the rod and mostly the weight of the line to get the fly out into the water. Each one feel completely different. Just don’t try to whip the fly rod as you would the spinning rod… unless you want to snap off $20 in flies within the first half hour of the trip like I did!