Yant Flat

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Located in the Dixie National Forest, Yant Flat is a hidden gem of a hike as it is not to well known as of yet. The hike starts you out at forest service road 903 and after 1.5 miles opens up to some of the most beautiful sand stone giving this area the nickname of Candy Cliffs. The round trip hike will take you roughly 2-3 hours depending on your hiking speed, but you could easily explore out here for hours. There are no restrooms and no water, so plan accordingly. The best time of day to do this hike is early morning and evenings as there is not very much shade along the trail.

GPS: Trailhead: 37°14’05.2″N 113°28’37.5″W Candy Cliffs: 37°13’09.2″N 113°28’22.4″W

Best time of year: Late Spring / Early Fall

Directions To The Trailhead

Start Leeds UT, and turn onto Main Street and head north for about 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Silver Reef Rd and follow for 1.2 miles until it turns into a dirt road. Continue for about 2 miles. At this point the road forks and there is a sign that says St George left and Oak Grove right. Go left toward St George. This road is FR031. You will follow this road for about 7 more miles until you reach your destination on the left. You will recognize the trailhead when you see a sign for forest service road FR903.