Tying a Deer Hair Caddis


Last patrol meeting we learned the difference between a wet fly and dry fly in regards to the fly fishing merit badge.

If you are fishing a fly below the water surface, you are wet fly fishing. Wet fly fishing is more about how you fish the fly rather than the fly itself. Dry and wet flies do have some differences, but there is also a lot of cross-over. ... When dry fly fishing, your cast must hit the target perfectly. To practices hitting your target, go out to a large field with a paper plate and start casting to the paper plate.  Start only 10 feet away at first and slowly increase your distance to get better at casting.

We also had one of our committee members teach the scouts how to tie his favorite "go-to" fly. The Caddis made out of deer hair.  Below is a video of how to make this fly for yourself.  Tying your own flies can be very relaxing and rewarding. The cost associated with making this deer hair caddis is roughly 15¢ - 25¢. The cost would be around $1.50 if you were to purchase this same fly at a sportsman shop.