Share Your Collection

Requirement 2 of the collections and hobbies wolf adventure asks us to share our collections.

 Before you bring your collection to share, jot down a few notes to answer the question below. This will help you remember what you want to tell the den about the items you collect. Tell the den the following things about your collection: What did you collect? Why did you choose that item? Where did you find the items for you collection? How will you add to your collection?

One of the items that I obsessed about when I was a Cub Scout was my baseball card collection.  During this age is when I started playing little league baseball. I remember walking through the little department store on main street of my home town and spending my hard earned (i really do not remember how i earned the money)  $1.50 for a pack of baseball cards and being ecstatic upon getting a team member of my favorite team, the Cubs.  My friends and I would usually get Topps cards since they always had a stick of bubble gum enclosed and Upper Deck was just too darn expensive in my 8 year old mind. During the summer and after school we would bring our collection binders together and start trading cards / players as if we were holding our own little draft for the next season.  I only collected for about three years and have not since added to my collection... but its fun to bring it out of storage sometimes and share with my kids the stuff dad use to collect and obsess about when I was their age.