American Trailblazers Flag Ceremony

Arrangement: 8 Cub Scouts hold up posters with pictures describing the lines which are to be spoken.

1st Cub: (Map of U.S.) Many American trailblazers helped decide our country’s fate.

2nd Cub: (Silhouette of Washington) As our first President, George Washington was great!

3rd Cub: (parchment, quill pen) Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence did write.

4th Cub: (picture of Abraham Lincoln) Lincoln freed the slaves after quite a fight.

5th Cub: (Kite with key and lightning) Ben Franklin shared many ideas bright.

6th Cub: (light bulb) Thomas Edison invented the electric light.

7th Cub: (Astronaut) Neil Armstrong placed on the moon our own red, white and blue.

8th Cub: Will you please stand and join us as we pledge our flag anew.

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Neil Armstrong

Found in the 1987 Mid Iowa Council Pow Wow Book