Dinosaur Matching


Within the Digging Up the Past adventure for the Wolf rank, requirement 1 mentions to play a game that tests your knowledge of dinosaurs through a matching game.  So naturally being curious of how many known types of dinosaurs have been discovered, I asked Google. To my surprise there has been approximately 300 species that have been placed within genera! That's one serious game of matching!

While searching the web for a dinosaur matching game, I came across a website that has just that. https://matchthememory.com/dinosaurs MatchTheMemory allows you to select how many different cards you would like, ranging from 2-9 so you can customize it for the scout.  What's also awesome about this matching game is that when you do get a match, a little info bubble pops up giving you information about the dinosaur.  This game could be used during your opening gathering activity to maximize the time you have for den meetings.

Screenshot 2018-04-18 at 12.17.08 PM.png