Tree Growth Rings


On most camp outs we sit and continue to add fuel to the campfire as we eat dinner or have a program.  But, have you ever stopped and counted the rings on the log your about to place in the flames?  Next time count the rings.  For the most part, each ring represents one year of life.  In North America, this annual event of growth is in the spring time.  With the tree pictured, it was 1,341 years old when it was cut down in 1891. You can find out how old the tree is by starting at the most outer ring and count towards the middle. Just imagine all the events you could witness if you lived to be over 1,341 years old! This tree witnessed the civil war, the declaration of independence, the discovery of America, and the crusades! Growth rings not only share with you the age of the tree, but also let you know if that year was a dry or wet one. The space between the rings, if thin, represent a dry year with very little growth.  Just the opposite for a wet year, the space between the rings is a little thicker.