Pocket Knife Maintenance

Last week we took the boys to our week-long scout camp. As the boys were working on their woodcarving merit badge, I also was carving my own creation out of wood.  As I was wittling away and attempting to create a wooden spoon, I noticed something about my knife... it was filthy and full of lint!

On page 380 of the current Boy Scout Handbook, there are some excellent tips on how to clean your knife.  

The steps that I take to cleaning my knife are as follows:

  1. Open every blade and gadget that is in your knife. (be careful with all the blades open as to not cut yourself)
  2. Use a moist q-tip to clean out every nook and cranny of the knife of dirt and lint
  3. Use a dry q-tip to finish the cleaning and to also dry the inside of the knife
  4. Use a third q-tip with a bit of oil to place on all the joints of the knife.
  5. Repeat these steps when your pocket knife gets dirty again.