Crickets are interesting animals. They're only an inch long yet they can be heard throughout the forest by rubbing their wings together. 
You can tell the temperature by listening to crickets. On warm nights, they chirp faster than on cool nights. If you count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and add 40 to it you'll get the temperature. 
I like to think about why crickets chirp. It's their way of saying "Here I Am". Like crickets, each one of us has ways of saying "Here I Am". Some say it through sports, some in music, some in reading, some in art. One way we all say "Here I Am" is through Scouting. When you wear your uniform you are showing everyone that you believe that it's important to be a good person. I think the best way to say "Here I Am" is by working hard, being kind, and being cheerful. 

Next time you hear a cricket, try to remember he is saying "Here I Am" and think how you are saying "Here I Am" in your life.


Since we are on the subject of crickets. Take a listen at what happens when you slow down crickets chirping. Pretty amazing!