Stewart Falls Hike

Trail Head: 40.4043, -111.605

Difficulty: Easy

Length: About 3.5 miles out and back

The recommended trail starts at Aspen Grove, along the Alpine Loop Road. To get to the Alpine Loop Road, take 189 from Provo, UT through Provo Canyon. Right after the tunnel, make you first left has if going to Sundance.  Aspen Grove is past Sundance.   Parking at Aspen Grove requires an entry fee of $6 for a three-day pass which is paid at a toll booth on the Alpine Scenic Loop. Several trails start here so pay attention to the signs as you might not want to start up the 14 mile hike to the top of Mnt Timpanogos. The Stewart Fall trail is easy to find as you stay to the left at the trail head markers. It is wide and well-maintained, and most of the trail is walking through the trees resulting in a lot of shade to help you out during the warmer days of summer.  It is a very popular hike, so start early.  

There is a ton of vegetation along both sides of the trail, including a large patch of stinging nettle about two-thirds down the trail.  Watch your little ones and always stay on the trail. The only wild life I have seen on the trail is squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. The trail is highly trafficked resulting in the bigger animals staying clear of the area.  If planning on taking a shower in the waterfall, don't be surprised at how fast it takes your breath away as the water is freezing cold.