2019-35 The Eagle and the Chickens


There once was a young scout that was walking down a trail and discovered an eagles egg had fallen out of it’s nest. The young scout looked up and saw that the nest was too high to return the egg. So, the scout placed the egg in a nearby chickens nest. The egg eventually hatched and the little eagle became part of the family. The mother hen treated the little eagle exactly the same as the other chicks and taught the young eagle how to find worms and grubs for food. The young eagle thought that it was another chicken among chickens. When it came time to learn how to fly, the young eaglet did as mother hen taught and only flew a few feet at a time.

And then one day, a little older now, while pecking for worms and grubs, the eagle looked up to the sky and noticed a beautiful and majestic bird soaring high in the sky.

“Who is that!? And what is that?!” The eagle asked the chickens. “Oh, that is an eagle. They are birds of the sky. We are chickens, and we are birds of the ground.”

The Eagle, after seeing that majestic bird in the sky, had a longing desire that had always been there. The Eagle realized that a decision was to be made. The decision was, “do I continue to go on with life as I have always lived it? Or do I do whatever it takes to fly like that eagle?” And so the decision was made, to fly.

And the Eagle’s life was changed forever.

Along your path of scouting, from cub scouts and the ranks of boy scouts, you are learning the ways to become an eagle. When the moment is right, spread your wings and fly with the Eagles.