2019-13 Win By Losing

Chuck Norris.jpg

Actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris knows that “might” does not always mean “right”. He explains:

Not long ago, after a day of filming my television series, I went alone to a small Texas cafe. As I sat in a corner booth, a large man towered over me and said with an edge to his voice that I was sitting in his booth. I didn’t like his tone or his implicit threat, but I said nothing and moved to another booth. A few minutes later, though, the big fellow was headed back in my direction. Here he comes, I thought, a local tough out to make a name for himself by taking on Chuck Norris in a fight.

When he arrived at my new booth, he looked directly at me. “You’re Chuck Norris,” he said. I nodded.

“You could have whipped me good back there a few minutes ago,” he said. “Why didn’t you?”

“What would it have proved?” I asked.

He thought that over for a moment and then offered me his hand. “No hard feelings?” he said.

“None,” I said, and shook his hand.

I had avoided a confrontation and made a friend. I had won by losing.