Hazards Of Living Easy

Mountain Blue Bird.jpg

A bluebird wearied at the constant task of hunting worms each morning and when he saw how easy a farmer found worms in his digging asked if he couldn’t have some. The farmer said, “Yes, I’ll give you a worm each morning in exchange for a feather.”

The bird said, “I have many feathers I don’t need. I’ll trade you.” It was so easy now to get his worms each morning that he did not notice his diminishing cover of feathers - until one morning he attempted to fly away and he found himself earth bound. Then in great fright he wanted to trade back, but it could not work that way. Life is not like that. The trade had been made and he must suffer the tragic consequences.

Found on pg 42 of the Scouters Minute 1967, YMMIA, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.