Complete all of the following.

  1. Talk with your family or den about forensics and how it is used to help solve crimes.
  2. Take your fingerprints and learn how to analyze them.
  3. Complete one of the following:

    A. Learn about chromatography and how it is used in solving crimes. Do an investigation using different types of black, felt-tip markers. Share your results with your den.

    B. Do an analysis of four different substances: salt, sugar, baking soda, and cornstarch.

  4. Complete one of the following:

    A. Visit the sheriff’s office or police station in your town. Find out how officers collect evidence. [Note that this may be during the same visit as “Paws for Action”]

    B. Learn about the different jobs available in forensic science. Choose two, and find out what is required to work in those jobs. Share what you learned with your den.

    C. Learn how animals are used to gather important evidence. Talk about your findings with your den.


Required Adventures

Elective Adventures