Build A Tent From 1939

From the 4th edition of the Boy Scouts of American Handbook printed in 1939, page 488 offers some great tent handicraft projects. Usually made out of canvas, these tents were very basic, but effective designs for scouts to build themselves. For the most part, Scouts now a days do not know the art form of making your own tent. Instead, with prices being so low, it is more cost effective and easier to just go to the store and purchase your three man, nylon, waterproof tent for about twenty five dollars. A fun and less expensive variation, if looking at experiment in making your own tent, is using tarps.

Open Outing Tent With Hood -- This can be made from thirteen yards of 8 oz. duck canvas, which costs very little.

A Tent For Mosuito Country -- Offered by the editor as being especially adapted for use in mosquito country in hot weather. Tent has florr cloth and weather flaps over cheese-cloth windows, and two puckering-string round doors, also with flaps.