Indian Lore Games

3a. Learn three games played by a group or tribe. Teach and lead one game with a Scout group.

1. RUNNING GAME Klamath (Northwest Coast)
 Any number may play. This is traditionally a girls game. 

Equipment: None. 

Play: Players line up behind a starting line. Taking a deep breath, they run as far as they 
can while yelling loudly. When a player runs out of breath he/she must stop and stand 
still. The player running the greatest distance before running out of breath wins. 

2. STICK DICE Havasupai (Southwest) 
 2 to 8 players, usually men 
Equipment: 3 flat sticks, 3 inches long, white on one side, red on the other. 
Play: Players take turns tossing the dice. Sticks are tossed up to land on flat surface. All 
three white sides equal 10 points or counters (tooth picks or corn kernels if used), 2 white 
and 1 red equals 2 counters, 2 reds and one white equals 3 counters, and 3 red equals 5 
counters. Toothpicks may be used as counters. Highest score wins. 

3.SHUTTLECOCKS Zuni (New Mexico) 
 Any number may play. 
Equipment: Corn shuck shuttlecock. 
Play: Players try to see who can bounce the shuttlecock off the palm of their hand the 
highest number of times. Using the back of the hand presents more of a challenge.