Achieve a Common Goal

Achieve a Common Goal

One of the great attributes of Scouting is that it teaches young men to work together to achieve a common goal. A Team can always do more by working together than they can do by working individually. Teamwork can bring out the best in all who are involved. An amazing example of this can be found in the story of the Apollo 13 mission to the moon.

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February Pack Planning

You might be saying to yourself... "It's still January! Why am a seeing February's pack planning?"  The most memorable and enjoyable meetings are those that are planned in advance. February's core value is Resourcefulness.   Have activities for the Cub Scouts that will help them understand resourcefulness in different situations.

February is also usually the month to hold your Blue and Gold Banquet.  Involve your Pack Committee now in the planning.  Some items that should be considered for your banquet: Where will we hold it, What will we eat, Who will decorate, What will make it fun and memorable?

Download the February Pack Planner Here

Pinewood Derby Inspection

When it comes time for the big race, there will be a large amount of excitement! Not only from the boys, but the whole family will be buzzing for the race to start.  One very important (and time consuming) part is the inspection and weigh in of all participants.  Our suggestion is to have this take place the night before Pack Meeting.  Do not let the weigh in consume the whole night before.  Have a designated time such as 7:00pm to 8:00pm and enlist your whole Cub Scout Committee along with your Den Chiefs.  The night before is also a great time to set up all pennants, the track, and your chairs.  After each car has been inspected, no one should come in contact with the cars until it is time to start their engines.

All cars must pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:

  • Width shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches.
  • Length shall not exceed 7 inches.
  • Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces.
  • Axles, wheels, and body shall be from the materials provided in the kit.
  • Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.
  • No lubricating oil may be used. Axles may be lubricated with powdered graphite or silicone.
  • The car shall not ride on any kind of spring.
  • The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.
  • No loose materials of any kind are allowed in the car.
Items to have at the Inspections Station:
  • Gorilla Glue - for emergency application of weights
  • A Scale - One that registers ounces (postage scales work wonderful)
  • Small round stickers (like the ones used at yard sales for the price) to mark and identify each car.
  • Extra tools, graphite, weights, and sandpaper
  • Extra car parts.

Planning A Pinewood Derby

Most units will do their Pinewood Derby this month.  The following are a few items to consider when planning your derby.

  • Type of race (Cubs only, Parents and Cubs, Adults, Cubs and Siblings, open race, etc.)
  • Is an open class going to be allowed so anyone who wants to can race?
  • How many and what kind of awards will be given out?
  • Who will purchase or make awards?
  • What are the rules? (It's helpful to hand out a copy of the rules when handing out the car kits)
  • Who will judge the participation awards?
  • Where will you get a track?
  • Who can help set up and take down?
  • How sophisticated of a a track and timing do you want?
  • Who will schedule the room and equipment needed?
  • When will weigh-ins be?
This is great deal of work for one person to do... involve your committee! Good Luck!

January 2013 Pack Planning

January's Theme: Positive Attitude

This is a perfect theme to coincide with New Years Resolutions. As we follow the points of the Scout Law... It reminds us to always have a positive attitude and to be helpful, friendly, kind, and cheerful.  As CubScouts we are reminded to be positive with the motto - DO YOUR BEST!

Cub Leaders: The following is the January pack planning guide provided by National.  This is not a complete step by step resource but it does get the ball rolling with the creativity on your part as a Cub Leader.

Remember you don't have to be perfect...just "DO YOUR BEST!"

September Pack Meeting Planning

One of the challenges of being the Cubmaster is making the pack meeting fun.  We suggest that you use the September Pack Meeting Resource Sheet to get started.  With fall sports starting to come into full swing, your gathering activity could involve a quick game involving a soccer ball or football.  The point is to make it fun so the boys have a desire to arrive at pack meeting early.