How To Care For A Baseball Glove

Baseball Glove

Years ago, when I was just a young Webelos, I remember my Dad bringing home a new baseball glove for the season of little league I was about to start. I quickly realized upon placing my hand inside the glove that there was no way on earth I was going to be able to close this thing! I remember Dad smiling as he said, “Let’s go break it in.” If you look up “How to break in your baseball glove” your sure to find multiple ways to do so. I do not recommend the tying it to the car wheel and driving off or putting it in the microwave (this has been done on the MLB level!)… Good ole’ glove oil and playing catch did the trick for mine over the years. To this day I still use the same glove (pictured above).

Taking proper care of your baseball glove will extend it’s life throughout the years. I have had my glove for over 30 years and hopefully for 30 more years. The number one key to keeping your glove in great working condition is to keep it oiled. This usually is not a scheduled maintenance like your car. When your glove seems to be dry, give it some glove oil… that simple. You do not need to apply glove oil after every time you take it out to play catch or play a game. This of course will be determined on how often it is used and the humidity of where you live.

Apply small amounts of glove oil to the parts of the glove that are dry. Rub into the leather until it is absorbed. If you use too much oil, use a rag or paper towel to cleanup the unneeded oil. I usually focus on the webbing, hinge, laces, and palm more than the outside of the glove as these spots tend to get the most use from catching the baseballs.

Glove oil can be purchased at any store that sells baseball gloves.