Outdoor Adventures Bobcat Badge

Props: Badges are attached to a cast iron skillet, backpack, cardboard tree, etc. (Anything outdoorsy)

Cubmaster: Many outdoor adventures begin with planning and preparation. That is how it is in Cub Scouts. The beginning of Cub Scout outdoor adventures begin with the Bobcat. The Cub Scout learns the law, oath, motto, handshake, salute, the Cub Scout sign, and what Webelos means. This is to prepare them for the many outdoor adventures they will enjoy. We have _______ scouts just beginning their outdoor adventure. As always in the start of a new adventure there is a guide. Will _______ and their guides (parents) please come up?

In preparing for your Bobcat badge, you learned many things. One of them was the oath. Please demonstrate to the pack that you are ready to begin your outdoor adventure by leading the pack in the scout oath.

Like all outdoor adventures, you must always remember directions. To make sure all this stays in your mind, we are going to have your parent (guardian) pin your Bobcat badge upside down. This will help you remember them. Now you're ready for the greatest outdoor adventure in your life --  Scouting. Congratulations!