Knives Are Not Toys

Having a pocketknife, for some, may feel like a right of passage. Choose the knife for your scout with safety in mind. Yes, the giant 9 inch “Rambo” survival knife with the paracord woven handle looks pretty “sick”… but is it practical and safe for a 9 or 10 year old scout?

Knife Safety.JPG

As Bears and Webelos begin to work with knives, There are a few things that need to be completed with the youth. One of those things is reinforcing that their knife is not a toy and before they are allowed to do anything with their new tool, they must first earn their Whittling Chip.

Here are a few tips found in the 1984 printing of the Bear handbook.

Knives Are Not Toys

  • Close the blade with the palm of you hand.

  • A knife should never be used on something that will dull or break it.

  • Be careful that you do not cut yourself or any person nearby.

  • A knife should never be used to strip the bark from a tree.

  • Do not carve your initials into anything that does not belong to you.