The Water Safety Chant

The water safety chant teaches your Tigers how important it is to be safe around water. This includes swimming and floating. One memory I have when I was around 10 years old was at a family reunion along the shore of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River is South East Idaho. My mother is extremely afraid of water, which that fear naturally trickled down to her children. There is still a part of me the fears certain waters. During this family reunion of my youth, I remember siting on the waters edge and eating a sandwich with the other kids. Something caught my eye in the water… It was my 3 year old brother bobbing in the water and being pulled into the current (Thank you mom for putting life jackets on us!). Within seconds of us yelling, mom plucked him out of the water. Who knows what would have happened if we were not facing the water while eating!

Water Safety Chant.jpg

The water safety chant is found in the Tiger’s Floats and Boats adventure. Even though this requirement is geared towards your Tiger Scouts, this acronym is a good reminder for everyone in regards to water safety. Also, continue to keep trained in Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat.

S: Someone’s watching. Never swim alone.

C: Check the rules. Know where you can roam.

O: Only buddies should go from the shore.

U: Know what “U” can do. Don’t do any more.

T: Tell a grown-up if someone’s in need.

SCOUT shows safety. Now you take the lead.

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