Change a Furnace Filter

The Webelos / AOL Fix It Adventure has us replacing a furnace filter to pass off requirement 4e.


There are multiple types of furnaces and configurations on air intakes. With the help of an adult, learn how to change the filter in your home. The furnace in our home does not require us to disconnect or remove any panels on the air intake. We simply need to slide the old one out and replace it with the new filter.

Tip: Make sure to turn the system completely off. This will ensure that the fans will not kick on while you are changing the filters and limit the amount of dust that could blow back into the furnace and then up through your vents throughout your home. Also, make sure to install your filter correctly. The air flow only travels one way in order for the filter to work correctly. Your replacement filter will have an arrow on it to indicate the correct direction.

How often should you change your filter?

  • The average home without pets should have the HVAC filter replaced every 90 days

  • If you have a pet in the home, you should replace your filter every 60 days

  • Multiple pets or if anyone has allergies you should replace the filter every 20-45 days.

What are the benefits of changing your filter?

  • Better indoor air quality with less dust, pollen, or other contaminants

  • Your HVAC system is happier as the fans do not need to work harder to push the air through clogged filters.

  • Since your system is not working harder, the energy savings will show on your bills. Not only does it save you electricity, but in the long run your maintenance expenses also go down.

Pictured is a brand new air filter on the left and an air filter that is only three months old on the right. check out the difference! It’s amazing what little things are constantly floating in the air for you filter to grab!