Make Up Your Mind

Trail To Eagle

“You can’t advance standing still”

Make up your mind that you will get to Second Class rank within a month or two months’ time, and then go right ahead. It’s as simple as that! Your patrol leader and your other troop leaders will help you, of course, but most important is the determination on your part to help yourself.

Somebody once said that the world makes beaten paths to the doorways of people who make better mousetraps. The beaten path notion has given way to a more aggressive approach to the mousetrap business!

Someone once said, “Just do good Scouting and someday you’ll be an Eagle.” Many people still say it unthinkingly. But it’s too long between Eagles!

Attaining Eagle rank isn’t any more automatic than leading the world in selling mousetraps. If you really want to be an Eagle Scout someday; and want it badly enough to make that your goal, keep pushing till you reach it. Take one hurdle at a time. Second, First, Star, Life; but don’t expect it to be easy. Don’t expect it to be automatic.

Found in the 1959 printing of the Scoutmaster’s Minute