17 years after

World Trade Center First Responders

Seventeen years ago, I can still remember where I was and what I was doing. The time that all the events were taking place in New York, I remember driving to work and hearing over the radio that a plane had crashed into The World Trade Center building. The first initial report on our end of the country (Idaho) made it appear like it was a small Cessna plane. It was not until we saw the second plane fly and crash into the second building that we knew that this was no accident. For all those first responders, for those innocent people who lost their lives, for the military who quickly acted in our behalf, and for those who are still affected by this horrible event; we thank you, and will always remember you.

Here is CNN’s live coverage after the first plane and showing the second plane. Each anniversary I watch a portion of the news coverage so that I personally will not forget what happened on this day.