Living The Scout Law

Cheerful Scout

Each Thursday I enjoy opening up one of the vintage books in my library and seeing what was taught in prior years. This excerpt, even though it is from half a century ago, made me ponder on how I'm living my life in conjunction with the Scout Law.

Found in the 6th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook from 1959.

Scout Law

Living The Scout Law

Honest now - have you done your best - your very best - to live up to the Scout Law to which you pledged yourself the day you entered the brotherhood of Scouting?
In your own mind, slowly go over each of the twelve points and ask yourself a few searching questions:

"Am I TRUSTWORTHY? Can I always be depended on? Do I always do what I promise to do? Have I proved myself LOYAL - to my parents, to my friends, tom my patrol and troop, to my country?
"Am I as HELPFUL, as i might be? Have I done at least on Good Turn every day since I became a Scout - or have there been days when I have forgotten?
"Am I naturally FRIENDLY to all, with a smile on my face and a helping hand? Am I truly COURTEOUS? Have I learned to do the many small courtesies that a gentleman does as a matter of habit - rising when a lady enters a room, giving my seat on the bus to an older person, making generous use of the little words 'Please' and 'Thank you'? Am I KIND to my dog and to animals and birds?
"Am I OBEDIENT - doing the things I am asked to do promptly and in a spirit of real cooperation? Do I meet and overcome difficulties with a CHEERFUL heart? Am I THRIFTY - not just in regard to money, but in the way I spend my time, the way I make use of my opportunities?
"Have I shown myself BRAVE? Have I stood up for what i consider right rather than following the crowd? Have I accepted full responsibility for some mistake I have made?
"Have I been CLEAN in my thoughts, my words, and my deeds? Have I proved myself REVERENT by being faithful in my religious duties?

Your Scout leaders have had a chance to find out about you from the way you act, from the way you work in patrol and troop. But only you and your God can truly know what kind of Scout you are - no one else can read your thoughts or look into your heart. That's why it is important for you to set up your own high standards and do your utmost to live up to them.

pg 215-216, 1959 Boy Scout Handbook

1959 Boy Scout Handbook