Respect For The Flag

Scoutmaster's Minute found in the 1958 book, "The Scoutmaster's Minute".

(Have one red, one white, and one blue piece of cloth, together with an American Flag.)


What is our flag? You might say it's a piece of cloth. Would that be right? Well, it's true that these pieces of cloth could make an American flag, but then we would have more than just a piece of cloth, wouldn't we? What is our flag, then? It's a symbol of our country, of the principles for which we stand. It's a guarantee of protection and security for us. And isn't it a thrill to see the flag flying at the top of a tall staff? 

The blue in our flag is a symbol of faith, the faith of our country's founders. The red in our flag denotes sacrifice, the sacrifices made to establish our nation.  The white of her stars and alternate stripes stands for purity of heart and mind.  Yes, the colors stnad for bravery, truth, and purity.

Is there anything in these pieces of cloth by themselves that demands our respect? No. They could be made into an apron just as easily as a flag. We could mop the floor with them or wipe our shoes with them. But the flag these pieces of cloth could make represents our great nation and everything America stands for.  That's why, Scouts, we give our flag the repect and loyalty that we owe the United States of America.