Building A Bluetooth Speaker


I had a fun time making my own Bluetooth Speaker out of reclaimed wood for the box.  This project took roughly an hour and a half and cost about $45.00 to make.  I skipped the internal battery pack as I'm planning on having this speaker constantly plugged in and on in my office.


List of needed items

  • INSMA TDA7492P Hifi Mini Amplifier 50W+50W Dual Channel Audio Receiver Power Amplifiers Digital Stereo Amplifier Amplify Amp Ampli Board with Heat Sink - $25.58 (Amazon)
  • Switching Adapter DC 12V/3A for INSMA Audio Amplifier Board - $12.25 (Amazon)
  • 2 of GRS 3FR-4 Full Range 3" Speaker Driver 4 Ohm - $4.75 (Amazon)
  • Speaker Wire $1.00
  • 1 piece of old cedar fencing
  • Screws / nails

First thing that I did was check to make sure that all the components worked after receiving them from Amazon.  After I confirmed that everything was in working order, It was time to make the box that would house everything.  I wanted to keep things very simple.  All pieces were cut to 12-inch length and the end pieces cut to cover completely after assembled.  I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted the amp to show from the outside, or be completely encased inside the box. I decided to go with having the components show, which would also allow the capability of turning the power on and off, volume up or down, skipping songs, and play pause.  To make this work, I had to utilize the awesomeness of the scroll saw and cut the hole for the amp to be mounted in.

With the three inch speakers, I found the best template for the holes was the inner portion of a roll of duct tape.  Tracing the inside of the roll onto the wood produced the perfect circle for the speaker to sit in.  I also stapled the speaker wire to the back board in order to eliminate any unwanted rattling while music is playing.  Before nailing on the final piece of wood to enclose everything, double check that everything is hooked up and working correctly.