Taking The First Step

Great Wall of China

This Scoutmaster's minute involves using 4 other Scouts (if your troop is large enough, use 4 patrol leaders).

(Patrol leaders stand in a diagonal line at one side facing the troop- Scoutmaster on the other side - half facing troop and patrol leaders.)

Scoutmaster: Pete, how would you start on a hike? (Pete takes one step forward.)

Scoutmaster: Bill, how would you set out to do a Good Turn? (Bill takes one step forward.)

Scoutmaster: Jim, how would you get started on a camping trip? (Jim takes one step forward.)

Scoutmaster: Joe, how would you start out to achieve First Class? (Joe takes one step forward.)

Scoutmaster: Yes, it's as simple as that - to make a thousand mile journey, to run  a race, to learn a trade, to meet new people, to climb a mountain, to create a masterpiece, to build a skyscraper, to design a jet engine, to do anything worth while there is always a first step, and it is the most difficult one to take.

If you are to progress in Scouting or in life, you must first face your goal and then get started with that all-important first step.

Found in the 1958 pamphlet, The Scoutmaster's Minute.