Bicycle Hand Signals

Bike safety is a essential item to teach your younger scouts.  It was a couple of years ago that in our neighborhood we had a cub scout that was riding his bike just down the street to his den leader's house for their weekly den meeting.  While riding across the intersection, he was struck by a vehicle and was killed. Our hearts continue to go out to both the cub scouts family and the neighbor that accidentally struck him in the road.  Not all accidents can be avoided, but we must do our best to help prevent them.

Hand Signals while riding with traffic will help prevent an accident between yourself and the other vehicles on the road.  


Turning Left

To let traffic know that your intentions are to turn left, extend your left arm out straight (kind of like your going to give someone "five" if they are coming towards you).

Turning Right

To let traffic know that your intention are to turn right, you have two options.  You can either do the same signal that you did for your left turn, just make the signal with your right arm.  Or, you can put your left arm up in a square (kind of like the boy scout sign, but giving a "high five") with your hand open.

Stop / Slowdown

To let traffic know that your intentions are to stop or slow down, extend your left arm down with your hand open (kind of like your giving someone behind you a "down low" five). 

After completing these signals, make sure to place your hand on the handlebars again to complete your turns to give you more control.

Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

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