M&M Colors


The Wolf Elective Adventure, Code of the Wolf, has a requirement that can involve my favorite little candies.  And with the kids still on sugar overload from Easter, I'm sure they wont miss a couple of packages to be used for this post.

You will need two packages of the same item for this requirement.

First step to this requirement involves opening a package of small colorful candies. I chose M&M, but you could use anything such as Skittles, Reese's Pieces, and Mike N Ikes.

Second, do your best to not eat any of the candy... I know, this one is hard not to do


Third, Draw a graph showing the number of items of each color. For this portion I took a picture of the M&M's lined up to form a bar chart graph to find out the most common color.

Lastly, do the same steps with a second package. This time predict what you think the outcome may be.  On my second run I chose red to be the dominating color... I was wrong.  Blue clearly was the winner for the second round.


Now comes the best part of the activity... eating all the M&M's!