Lucky Charms

From the Scoutmaster's Minute - 1958

(Display a collection of good luck charms, such as a horseshoe, rabbits foot, four-leaf clover, silver dollar.)


These are some of the things that people consider good luck charms. Some folks think these things keep them safe.

Now what would you think of a man who depended on his rabbit's foot when he was driving his car? Suppose he depended on his rabbit's foot to keep him safe no matter how he might drive - down the left side of the highway, without lights at night,  with the motor wide open. Well, you know what would happen to him and his rabbit's foot. He'd wind up in on whing-ding of a wreck.

There's only one way to keep safe while driving a car, and that's by obeying the traffic laws. If you disobey the traffic laws, you'll wreck your car. It's that simple. And if you disobey the other laws of mankind, you'll wreck your life.

No, you don't need good luck charms to keep safe. You can keep safe by obeying the Scout Law and God's law. That's the way to be sure of a long, happy trip through life.