Don't Try, But Do


There is a good story about General Taylor, who became famous during the Mexican-American war during the 1840's. The victory was in the balance, and a certain battery was turning the scale against the Republic.  General Taylor called the cavalry commander and said, "Take that battery!" The officer answered, "We will try, sir"  "I don't want you to try, sir; I want you to take it." snarled the general.  "We will take it, or die!" replied the young officer.  "I don't want you to die," bellowed the general. "I want you to take that battery." There is a lesson there.  The business world is looking for men of action - not the martyrs or experimenters, but for men who crystallize thought into action - for men who bring things to pass.

Some of you may be thinking to yourself... this phrase sounds familiar from somewhere else.  In Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back, Master Yoda has some of the same advise for young Luke.