My Favorite Video Game


As a kid growing up in the 80's I was obsessed with all thing Nintendo.  My absolute favorite games involved Mario.  The original Super Mario with it's cool world warp in 1-2, Super Mario 2 was my least favorite with that weird bid creature that shot eggs out of it mouth, and Super Mario 3 (my absolute favorite) where Mario now has these crazy raccoon ears and tail that some how makes him fly!  If the game involved Mario, I was playing. You too can relive (if your my age) or discover for the first time this epic game by clicking on the image below to be taken to a Super Mario Bros. emulator.

For the Tiger Elective, Tiger-iffic, requirement 4b. asks you to share at least three tips that would help someone who was learning how to play your favorite video game.

  1. You can only get rid of the Koopa-Troopas and Goombas is to jump on them. Unless you have fire power, then you can shoot them.
  2. The more coins you collect, the more lives you can gain. Each time you hit 100 coins, you get a 1up.
  3. Test the green pipes by standing on them on pushing down. Some of them gain you access to a room full of coins.
  4. Find mushrooms, your first one in the game is in the 2nd question box. This will make you large.  If you get touched by an enemy, than you will shrink back down to your small size.  If you are then touched again by an enemy your life is taken.  Being large extends your life in the game play.
Click On The Image To Start Playing Super Mario Bros.

Click On The Image To Start Playing Super Mario Bros.