Benny The Frog


Benny was a big bullfrog who lived in a swamp. This swamp was just an ordinary swamp. All the frogs lived in nice houses, had nice big lily pads, running water, TV's and a rowboat parked out in front. It was just like any other swamp.

One day Benny decided he needed to have something special that would make all the other swamp creatures look up to him. He finally decided he would like to have a beautiful, long, white beard. He wished so hard that one day the Fairy Frogmother appeared and said: "Benny, I will grant your wish. But if I give you a beard, you must never, ever shave it off.  For if you do, I will turn you into an urn!" Benny promised he would never shave it off, so the Fairy Frogmother waved her wand and "Poof!" - a big white beard appeared on Benny's chin.

The next day Benny's neighbors heard about the beard and came to look.  Everyone came - the alligators, muskrats, snakes, raccoons, turtles, even the dragonflies.  Benny was very proud of his beard. For days and days the creatures came. But after awhile most of them stopped coming, and finally no one at all came.  Benny wasn't so proud of his beard as he had been at first, and he was always tripping over it.

After a long time Benny just couldn't stand it any longer. He figured the Fairy Frogmother would have forgotten about his promise, so one morning he shaved off his scraggly beard. All of a sudden the Fairy Frogmother appeard and said: "Benny, I warned you what would happen if you shaved your beard - now I'm going to turn you into an urn!" So she waved her wand and "Poof!" - Benny was turned into an urn.

That just goes to show you that a Benny shaved is a Benny urned...