Four Steps of Advancement


The four steps of advancement is a requirement that is found within the Scout Rank (2b) along with the Arrow of Light requirements for Scouting Adventure (2b). We have found that the four steps of advancement can be found within the Webelos book. But, we were unsuccessful in finding the four steps with the Boy Scout handbook. (If you do find them is the Boy Scout handbook, please comment with the page number.)

The Four Steps of Advancement

  1. The Boy Scout Learns: A Scout learns by doing. As he learns, he grows in ability to do his part as a member of the patrol and the troop. As he develops knowledge and skill, he is asked to teach others; and in this way he begins to develop leadership.
  2. The Boy Scout is Tested: A Scout may be tested on rank requirements by his patrol leader, Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, a troop committee member, or a member of his troop. The Scoutmaster maintains a list of those qualified to give tests and to pass candidates. The Scout's merit badge counselor teaches and tests on the requirements for merit badges.
  3. The Boy Scout is Reviewed: After a Scout has completed all requirements for a rank, he has a board of review. For Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle Palms, the review is conducted by members of the troop committee. The Eagle Scout board of review is conducted in accordance with local council procedures.
  4. The Boy Scout is Recognized: When the board of review has certified a boy's advancement, he deserves to receive recognition as soon as possible. This should be done at a ceremony at the next troop meeting. The certificate for his new rank may be presented later at a formal court of honor.