Unknown Scout Bear Advancement Ceremony

by Rick Clements



People Required:
Akela (Cubmaster)
Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)
Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

Baloo: One day in 1909 an American businessman named William Boyce was having trouble finding his way in the London fog. As he stood on the street, a young boy approached him and asked if he could help. Mr. Boyce told him the address he was looking for, and the boy led him to his destination. When Mr. Boyce attempted to give him a tip for his help, the boy said, "No thank you sir, I'm a Scout and Scouts do not accept rewards for doing good turns." This meeting inspired Mr. Boyce to form the Boys Scouts of America.

Akela: The slogan of the Boys Scouts to this day is "Do a good turn daily." And, as Cub Scouts, we say in our promise that we will help other people. A very important part of the Cub Scout program is the advancement of the boys as they work to be good Cub Scouts. We recognize the Cub Scouts in our pack in honor of the unknown scout in England.

Baloo: Will the following boys who have earned their Bear badge, and their parents please come forward?

(Baloo lists names of boys earning the Bear badge.)

Akela: I know the pride that you have in completing the Bear requirements is the same pride that was heard in the voice of the unknown Scout so long ago when he said, "I'm a Scout." And, with your Bear badge, you move closer to that day when you too will be able to make the same claim.

(Baloo hands badges to parents.)

Akela: Parents, would you please present the Bear badge to your son? Attach the badge to his left uniform pocket upside down using the tape. Once your son performs a good deed, the badge may be permanently attached right side up.

Baloo: The parents may sit down while the boys join Akela around the campfire. Then I will place your headband on your head indicating your new rank.