Chief Akela: Bobcat Ceremony


PERSONNEL Akela (Cubmaster in Native American costume), Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leader(s), 6 Webelos Scouts, Bobcat candidates and their parents.


  • Advancement ladder

  • Blank coup sticks for the new Bobcats

  • Arrow of Light candelabra

  • Script concealed on the shelf behind it

  • Bobcat badges for advancing Cubs

ARRANGEMENT The ceremony begins with the beating of the ceremonial drum by the Asst.

Cubmaster. Akela then approaches the campfire from the center aisle, so that all present can see his/her regalia.

Akela: Why do you sound the ceremonial drum?

Asst. Cubmaster: Because we have scouts who seek the fun of Cub Scouting.

Akela: Have these scouts been properly prepared?

Asst. Cubmaster: Yes, Akela, they have. The Bobcat candidates now know the Cub Scout Motto, Promise, and Law. They know the Cub Scout sign, salute, and handshake. Each boy has prepared themselves to move to the next step of Cub Scouting by his thoughts, deeds, and participation in the Pack.

Akela: Many moons before the paleface came to America, the Indian lived and hunted in these great redwood forests. Food was plentiful. The fields were rich with berries, the water with fish, and the woods were full of game. The tribes lived in villages near the great "earth-mother" , who we call "Diablo".

I am Akela, the Great Chief of the Webelos tribe and the head of the council of braves. Our totem is the Arrow of Light, which is the final goal of all cub scouts and the highest honor they can earn. This board shows the Arrow of Light and points the way of the trail. The arch represents progress along the cub scout trail to boy scouts. The candle which I now light represents the Spirit of Akela and the light of Cub Scouts.

We learn our ways from the wisest of the forest animals. From the Wolf we learn the language of the ground, we learn to follow the tracks of other animals, and we learn the ways of the food of the forest. From the Bear, we learn the secrets of the trees and birds, the language of the air and the sky.

But to begin the Cub Scout journey, we follow the Bobcat, a tenacious creature which is always hungry for knowledge and adventure. (to the Cubmaster) Cubmaster, which scouts are ready to take the sign of the Bobcat?

Asst. Cubmaster: Akela, we have ___ scouts who are prepared to take the sign of the Bobcat. (read the list), please come forward with your parents.

Akela: Do these scouts know the things required to be a Cub Scout?

Asst. Cubmaster: Yes, Akela, they do. I would like the my Webelos Scouts to come forward at this time. Webelos means "We'll be Loyal Scouts" , so it is only right that these scouts administer the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, Motto, Sign, Salute and Handshake.

First Webelos Scout: Scouts, make the cub scout sign and recite the Scout Oath with me.

Second Webelos Scout: Scouts, make the Cub Scout sign and recite the Scout Law with me:

(light candles for each point of the Scout Law)

Now we have lit all the candles, and you probably think you know all there is to being a cub scout. Well, in a way you do and in a way you don't. You will learn a great deal more. Remember that sometimes we are weak and falter. (snuff out a candle) If we falter once, the light on the path is still bright. But if you are weak and falter many times, see how the light dims into darkness (snuff out several candles). But if you are true to yourself, the light of Akela is always near, and if you do your best the light of Akela will help you find your way along the path as you follow the Arrow of Light in scouting. (relight candles)

Now you will demonstrate the other signs of Cub Scouting. Webelos Scout, do these candidates know the Cub Scout Motto?

3rd Webelos: Yes, Akela, they do. Candidates, repeat the Cub Scout Motto with me: "Do Your Best." You don't have to be perfect, just do your best. Akela, as you can see, they do know the Cub Scout Motto.

Akela: Webelos Scout, do they know the Cub Scout Sign?

4th Webelos: Yes, Akela, they do. Candidates, show me you know the Cub Scout Sign. Always make them with your arm straight and the wolf ears held high. This sign means everyone should be silent and attentive. It reminds us that before we speak, teach and lead, we must listen, learn and follow. Akela, as you can see, they do know the Cub Scout Sign.

Akela: Webelos Scout, do they know the Cub Scout Salute?

5th Webelos: Yes, Akela, they do. Candidates, show me you know the Cub Scout Salute. Hold your arm straight and be proud that you are an American and a Cub Scout. You will use the salute in countless flag ceremonies during your Cub Scout years. Akela, as you can see, they do know the Cub Scout Salute.

Akela: Webelos Scout, do they know the Cub Scout Handshake?

6th Webelos: Make the Cub Scout handshake with me. We will all now congratulate you on becoming Bobcats in Pack [number]. Akela, as you can see, they do know the Cub Scout Handshake. (All Webelos scouts shake hands with the new Bobcats and take their seats)

Akela: Scouts, you are growing up in a world of your own. It will be different than the world your parents grew up in. But throughout your journey, your parents will help you find the way. In scouting, you will learn about a great number of things, like your American heritage and what to do in an emergency. At every step, your parents will help you with these tasks. And so, we ask them to join us in the cub scout parent's promise:

We, the parents of a cub scout / do promise to assist our scouts in earning there cub scout badges / and to judge them as the individual they are. / We will be faithful in our attendance at pack meetings / and assist in every possible way as we help our scouts to do their best.

We are now ready to pin the Bobcat badge on these scouts. Only one obstacle remains, and that is the requirement that the badge be pinned on upside down until these new bobcats do their first good turns. Only then can the badge be worn right side up.

Asst. Cubmaster: Congratulations, new Bobcats! Now I would like to present you with your coup stick. This will be our way of monitoring your advancement during your years as a Cub Scout. You will be able to paint it a color chosen by your Den and make markings on it to signify each achievement in Cub Scouts. Please take your coup stick, place it on the Bobcat rung of the Advancement Ladder, and be seated with your parents.

Akela: This concludes this ceremony. I now return to the forests of Mount Diablo to prepare for spring. In June, I will return to help each scout who remains graduate to the next step in Cub Scouts. Good night!