Boat Safety

Even though this post come out of the 1976 printing of the Bear Cub Scout Book, It is still valuable information to help you stay safe with your boat.

  1. Know your boat - Don't overload it. In a rowboat, one person per seat is a pretty safe rule.
  2. Balance your load. Distribute weight evenly from side to side and from bow to stern.
  3. Step into your boat. Step in the center when boarding or changing seats, keeping low. Take a life preserver for each passenger in the boat.
  4. If your boat capsizes or swamps, hang on. You can kick the boat to shore or drift in, but don't leave it, let help come.
  5. Watch the weather. Head for shore when it looks stormy. If you are caught out, seat your passengers on the floor and head your boat into the waves.
  6. If you use a motor, use the right one. Too much power can damage your boat or swamp it.  Look on your boat's transom for the OBC (Outboard Boating Club of America) plate showing boat capacity and recommended maximum horsepower. Avoid sharp turns - they are hard on equipment and people. Take it easy.