Overflowing Toilet

3. Describe to your Webelos den leader how to fix or make safe the following circumstances with help from an adult.  a. A Toilet is overflowing.

As a youngster, watching the water rise higher than normal in the toilet bowl is one of intrigue and confusion immediately followed by pure terror as the water breaches the rim and begins to flow onto the floor.  Having the knowledge of where and how to turn the water off and how to use a plunger is one that will benefit your Webelos scout and also could save you hundreds of dollars that would have been spent in repairs from water damage.  

As water is the culprit i tend to stop extra flow by turning the water valve off.  Most toilets have a shut off valve at the stem from the wall. Turning the valve to the right will shut the water off (lefty loosey, righty tighty) resulting in the tank to stop filling. After you clear the obstruction that is causing the toilet to be clogged with a plunger, you can then turn the valve to the left and allow the tank to fill back up. If water has poured onto the floor, mop it up with a towel and sanitize the area afterwards with a mop and bleach mixture.